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Transform your home with natural stone panels. Real stone designed to stun, fascinate, and mesmerize.

Stone Evolution is proud to partner with Stone Source Intl. to bring you bolder panels. This product is real stone, cut ultra thin and backed with an aluminum / polymer backing. Design options range from grout-less shower walls and backsplashes to fireplace surrounds and feature walls. Our installed bolder panels are typically half the cost of full-thickness stone slabs while providing the same finished surface.  Our translucent onyx panels provide endless design options including wall partitions, accent lighting and even artwork.

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Why Us

Our stone is locally stocked. You can hand-select your slab with no waiting! This sets us apart from our competitors where you’ll typically experience an 8-10 week wait time with no ability to hand select your stone in person.

Our products are Green. The stone is thin and light which allows us to get more usable stone from each block which means reduced costs  from shipping  to installation without sacrificing quality.

Benefits of Bolder Panels

The installed cost of Panels typically will save 40% to 50% off the cost of a 3 to 5cm engineered system. The 75% weight reduction translates into huge savings on the back up framing structure and provides the ability to rapidly install without the need for heavy-duty handling equipment. These two advantages produce the majority of the cost savings. However, often unforeseen, and indeed incalculable, supplemental savings can be made in other areas such as; structural steel requirements, concrete footings, transportation (both overseas and domestic), reduction in wall thickness that reduces window framing costs, increased interior floor space, creating more useable square footage. Additionally, the building will open weeks, and often months, ahead of schedule.

Because panels are so lightweight, they require less installation time, have lower installation costs, are transported very economically and do not require heavy equipment.

stone panels are a natural thin stone veneer bonded with high strength epoxies to one of many  substrates i.e. Honeycomb, Polymer Aluminum, Ceramic, Glass and Fiberglass materials. The strength, flexibility and quality of these substrates allow the stone facing to be very thin, very strong and very durable. This combination yields vastly improved flexural and impact strengths..

In comparison, dimensional stone with its fractural properties, can not withstand minimal structural movement, has a very high compressive strength and has low flexural and impact strengths. These natural flaws and defects are the contributing factors to its high failure rate.

Panels are impervious to water penetration, even with open structured stones, such as travertine and limestone.